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Price warning! These chip manufacturers may cancel discounts or purchase in advance
Time:2023-01-12 22:13:54      Click:845


The latest news is that following Qunlian's revelation that NAND originals have a strong intention to raise prices from July onwards, another organization reported that Micron, Western Digital and other vendors believe that storage chip prices have fallen to the bottom and plan to cancel discounts to allow customers to make early purchases, or push up DRAM prices.

Today, according to Taiwan media Economic Daily News and Technology News, citing the latest report released by the U.S. market research organization, Micron and Western Digital and other storage chip suppliers believe that product prices have fallen to the bottom, has begun to cancel the model of discounts for early bulk transactions, and even began to raise prices.

The survey agency predicted that the decline in storage chip prices will lead to market cooling.

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