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Emmaus OSRAM: Capacity and chip technology upgrade in Steiermark, Austria, to be completed by 2030
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By 2030, Emmaus OSRAM plans to invest EUR 588 million in a new generation of innovative microchips to meet the growing needs of the medical technology, industrial and consumer electronics markets;

Martin Kocher, Austria's Federal Minister of Labour and the Economy, welcomed and supported Emmaus OSRAM's application for funding under the Eurochip Act;

Emmaus Osram's application for up to EUR 200 million is an important part of Austria's strategic investment programme to promote the development and production of a new generation of microchips to be "Made in Europe";

By the middle of the upgrade programme, around 250 new jobs will be created at the Premst?tten site;

The upgrade programme strengthens the technological leadership of the European and Austrian semiconductor ecosystem and increases supply chain security.

Shanghai, China, 28 May 2024 - Emmaus OSRAM (SIX Swiss Exchange: AMS), the world's leading provider of optical solutions, today announced that Emmaus OSRAM is continuing to invest in its Premst?tten R&D and production site. Aldo Kamper, Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AMS OSRAM, together with Martin Kocher, Austrian Federal Minister, and Christopher Drexler, Governor of the State of Steiermark, are announcing plans to invest up to 588 million euros by 2030 in the Premst?tten R&D and production site. At the same time, in accordance with the European Chip Act, Emmaus OSRAM has applied for financial support of up to EUR 200 million, which is currently in the pre-notification phase and has been submitted to the European Commission for approval. The investment aims to further strengthen Austria's position as a leader in the semiconductor industry and is expected to create 250 jobs in the coming years.

The current dynamics of the global semiconductor market emphasise the importance of investing in innovative key technologies in the future. With this in mind, the European Commission has set an ambitious goal to drive mass production of semiconductors in Europe and plans to increase its global market share to 20 per cent by 2030, while achieving breakthroughs in next-generation chip technologies. To this end, the Eurochip Act was created. Emmaus OSRAM's investment will increase Europe's autonomy in the field of semiconductor production and digitalisation and will make an important contribution to the "green transition".

Aldo Kamper, Group CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Emmaus OSRAM: "The new facility at our headquarters will give us more room to innovate, to meet the growing needs of our customers and to produce more products in Europe. At the same time, our investment is a clear expression of our strong support for Premst?tten as a business centre, the state of Steiermark as a high-tech industrial region and Austria as an innovation and production site. We will build on this location to drive digitalisation in line with the European Green Deal and are committed to upholding Europe's technological sovereignty."

Martin Kocher, Austrian Federal Minister of Labour and Economy, said, "Austria is one of Europe's leading countries in the field of microchips, with a long history of securing stable employment and economic prosperity. Thanks to its outstanding technological expertise and strong innovative capacity, the Austrian semiconductor industry has become increasingly competitive in international competition. We are therefore consolidating this leading position by taking full advantage of the enormous opportunities that this industry offers our country, our economy and our workforce. The investment programme announced today by Emmaus OSRAM will have a significant impact on this. The Eurochip Act provides a solid framework underpinning for accelerated R&D and production, and the Austrian federal government is committed to strengthening its strategic advantage in this area and has taken clear action. As a result, the Austrian government has allocated a budget of approximately EUR 3 billion planned for the period up to 2031 with the aim of further boosting Austria's semiconductor innovation and production ecosystem."

As part of its "rebuilding the base" programme, Emmaus OSRAM is focusing on key areas of structural growth in its core business - smart sensors and emitters, including LEDs and laser diodes for automotive, medical and industrial applications, as well as highly differentiated products for consumer-grade handheld devices. highly differentiated components for consumer-grade handheld devices).

Under the construction plan, the semiconductor manufacturing facility will be the first in the world to produce next-generation, highly differentiated optoelectronic sensors for medical and automotive applications, as well as encompassing product lines for industrial and consumer-grade applications. The factory incorporates cutting-edge technology (CMOS, optical filters[1] and TSVs[2]) features and follows a toolbox design concept that allows products to be flexibly combined with different functions according to a wide range of needs, to meet the demand for energy-efficient products for imaging and opto-electronic devices, which will have smaller dimensions, integrate more functions on a single component, and

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