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◆ provide supply services for components in short supply, shutdown, cold doors and military series to solve your problem of material shortage

1. More than 7000 reputable suppliers' spot inventory is on standby, and 40% of the original factory agent orders flexibly;

2. The supply channels are all over Europe, North America, Japan and South Korea;

3. Efficient ERP e-commerce platform searches every corner of the world.

◆ provide long-term supply and stocking services to reduce the cost of components, and solve your worries about the stable supply of commonly used models

1. Feed back the market dynamics of materials in time, cooperate with the formulation of production plan and prediction, and realize the management of zero inventory materials in the factory;

2. Flexible and diverse material preparation schemes in batches reduce the cost and time of a single transaction;

3. More than 300 well-known OEM and EMS factories have flexible resale of commonly used inventory.

◆ provide inventory consignment and clearance services for surplus electronic materials to help you reduce asset losses and recover funds

1. Thousands of potential customers need to improve the liquidation rate of dead materials and enrich the working capital of the enterprise;

2. Solve the remaining inventory pressure quickly, simply and in a high ratio;

3. Reduce the labor cost of inventory management and storage space, and control the risk of loss of multiple inventories.

◆ provide third-party component testing services to solve your quality concerns

1. Provide professional test reports of basic functions;

2. Help recommend the corresponding product testing center;

3. Assist in training factory quality inspectors to master the basic visual inspection skills and methods of components.

◆ provide pre-sales and after-sales value-added services, and act as a personal consultant to solve all kinds of thorny problems in your work

1. Help find technical support documents datasheet and data;

2. Help find alternative solutions for various devices that are difficult to find after production;

3. Provide sample application as required.

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