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Qorvo Introduces 750V 4mΩ SiC JFET in TOLL Package, Revolutionising Circuit Breaker Technology
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BEIJING, China, June 12, 2024 - Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO), a leading global provider of connectivity and power solutions, today announced the industry's first introduction of a 4mΩ silicon carbide (SiC) junction field effect transistor (JFET) in a TOLL package - the UJ4N075004L8S. --The UJ4N075004L8S is designed for circuit protection applications, including solid-state circuit breakers, where the UJ4N075004L8S's low resistance, excellent thermal performance, small size and high reliability are critical.

With on-resistance RDS(on) as low as 4mΩ, the UJ4N075004L8S has the industry's lowest on-resistance among power devices in the 650V to 750V class in a standard discrete package. The lower on-resistance results in significantly lower heat generation, and the compact TOLL package makes the solution 40% smaller than its TO-263 counterpart. The new product addresses all of the limited space size requirements of today's electromagnetic circuit breakers and operates without the need for a complex cooling system, accelerating the transition from electromagnetic circuit breakers to semiconductor-based solid-state circuit breakers (SSCBs).

"With the introduction of the UJ4N075004L8S, Qorvo continues to lead innovation in SiC power products, powering applications such as circuit protection with ultra-low on-resistance FET devices in ultra-small component packages." Ramanan Natarajan, director of product line marketing for Qorvo's SiC power products business, said, "The SSCB market is growing rapidly, and Qorvo's latest offerings are an important milestone in the evolution of this technology."

Qorvo's JFETs are ideally suited to meet the challenges of circuit protection with their ruggedness and ability to withstand extremely high inrush currents and shut down during circuit faults. Its latest JFETs can also withstand high transient junction temperatures without performance degradation or parameter drift, and the JFET's normally-open characteristic allows it to be seamlessly integrated into systems that default to the on state and transition to the off state under fault conditions.

The UJ4N075004L8S is sampling now and will enter volume production in the fourth quarter of 2024, when Qorvo will introduce additional JFETs, including a 5mΩ product rated at 750V and an 8mΩ product rated at 1200V, both in TO-247 packages. For more details and detailed product specifications on this transformative power technology, visit the Qorvo Power Solutions website.

About Qorvo

Qorvo (NASDAQ: QRVO) provides a wide range of innovative semiconductor solutions dedicated to making our world a better place. Combining product and technology leadership, system-level expertise and global manufacturing scale, Qorvo delivers solutions to our customers' most complex technical challenges quickly and in multiple fast-growing market segments around the world, including automotive, consumer electronics, defence/aerospace, industrial/enterprise, infrastructure, and mobile devices. Visit cn.qorvo.com to learn how our diverse team of innovators connects everything on the planet to deliver uncompromising protection and power.

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