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24 billion! Ziguang Group to sell French chip company Linxens
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Today, there is news that ZiGuang Group is considering the sale of its French chip maker Linxens, a reporter asked for confirmation from ZiGuang Group, and learned that ZiGuang Group is indeed considering the sale of its French chip maker Linxens, according to a source close to ZiGuang Group, ZiGuang Group is considering a variety of options, an IPO or the sale of part of the stake or all the stakes, and it is said to be valued at far more than 1 billion euros, according to people close to Ziguang Group.

As previously reported, people familiar with the matter said that ZiGuang has been in communication with potential financial advisers after receiving interest in Linxens, which could be valued at between 2 billion euros ($2.2 billion) and 3 billion euros. In addition to considering the sale of Linxens, the group is also considering an initial public offering (IPO) of its main chip-making subsidiary, Unisoc.

Private equity firms and others in the industry are understood to have shown early interest in buying Linxens, but those considerations are preliminary and UVision may not end up selling.

Last year, Purple Group went through a difficult reorganization, with Beijing Zhilu Asset Management Co Ltd (Zhilu Capital) and Beijing Jianguang Asset Management Co Ltd (Jianguang Asset) serving as the lead parties in a consortium that reorganized strategic investors for the substantive merger of seven companies, including Purple Group.

ZiGuang Group acquired Linxens from private equity firm CVC Capital Partners in 2018. according to its official website, Linxens designs and manufactures micro-connectors for smart cards and radio frequency identification system (RFID) antennas used for data security, identification and the Internet of Things.

Linxens has many years of experience in smart security chip microconnectors, RFID inlays and antennas, and has operating entities in France, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, China and other countries.

Linxens maintains a leading market position and market share for its smart security chip microconnector products, which can be widely used in SIM cards, bank cards, transportation cards and other products in telecom, transportation, hospitality, financial services, e-government and IoT. It claims that more than 80% of the world's population use the products provided by Linxens.

*Disclaimer: The news in this article originated from Sci-Tech Daily, Core List, organized by Huaqiang Microelectronics, the news has not been officially confirmed, and is only for the purpose of communication and learning.

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