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What are the processing requirements of PCB manufacturers for PCBA manufacturing?
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The manufacture of PCBA board is a complex process, and unqualified products will be produced if you are not careful. Then, what are the processing requirements of PCB manufacturers for PCBA manufacturing? Let's take a look:

1. Indicate the grade of PCB processing standard:

First class consumer: as long as the electrical performance is required, the appearance requirements are not strict.

Level II industry: the requirements are higher than those of Level I.

Special processing requirements should be put forward for high reliability products such as military products.

2. Indicate the selected plates, bonding prepreg materials, welding resistance materials, etc.

3. Note the requirements for PCB manufacturing warpage.

4. Indicate the overall dimension of PCB processing.

5. Note the positioning hole error: ± 0.10mm.

6. The thickness of V-shaped groove or connection is 1/3 of the plate thickness, the error is ± 0.15mm, and the angle is 30 ° /45 ° ± 5 °

7. The outer welding ring shall be at least 0.08 ~ 0.15mm away from the metallized hole wall.

8. Ensure that the inner layer is well connected.

9. The figure alignment is accurate, and the error of wire width with line width less than 0.25mm is ± 0.05 ~ 0.075mm.

10. Mak shall be flat and smooth.

11. BGA vias need to be processed with embedded holes or resistance welding.

12. The surface of the layer is smooth, the line edge is clear, and the character mark is clear.

13. The solder mask shall cover the required part with uniform color.

14. The screen and characters cannot be printed on the pad.

15. The board surface should be clean and free of sundries or glue stains that affect the weldability of SMT patches during processing.

These are the processing requirements of PCBA manufacturing for circuit board manufacturers.

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