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Breaking! US analogue giant cuts another chip team!
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The latest news, according to Reuters and other foreign media reports, the global photolithography giant - the Netherlands ASML is planning to move the company out of the Netherlands. The news also said that ASML has put forward the intention to the Dutch government, said there will be the possibility of expansion or relocation in other places, France is one of the options.

According to the report, the main reason for ASML to consider withdrawing from the Netherlands is the "anti-immigration policy" in the country. It is reported that the possible drastic changes in the future immigration policy have also triggered great concern and dissatisfaction among ASML, as non-Dutch employees account for about 40 per cent of ASML's 23,000 employees in the Netherlands, and overseas students staying in the Netherlands for employment are one of the main sources of talent for ASML.

In an interview with the Dutch Press TV Festival last September, ASML CEO Peter Wennink emphasised the need for knowledge migration and warned of the economic consequences of isolating China, arguing that the exclusion of knowledge migrants and US-imposed export restrictions could weaken the Netherlands.

According to publicly available information, Netherlands-based ASML is Europe's third-largest company by market capitalisation, with a market capitalisation of close to €365 billion (RMB 2863.2 billion).In 2023, ASML achieved record revenues of €27.6 billion (RMB 216.5 billion), an increase of 30 per cent compared to 2022, and net profit increased to €7.8 billion (RMB 61.2 billion) , up 40% from 2022.ASML expects net sales revenue in 2024 to be similar to 2023.

The local impact of ASML's ability to make big profits is undoubtedly huge. Especially in today's increasingly fierce "chip competition", ASML for the Netherlands, not only has a huge economic value, but also important strategic significance. Therefore, any movement of ASML may have a profound impact on the local Dutch and even global business and the global semiconductor industry.

In response to ASML's withdrawal plan, the Dutch government has set up a task force called the "Beethoven Plan", led by Prime Minister Mark Rutte, to explore ways to prevent ASML from leaving.

*Disclaimer: The news in this article originated from the global electronic market, semiconductor industry alliance, by the YuanXinAi electronic collation, the news has not been officially confirmed, only for the exchange of learning purposes.

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