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Heavyweight! China may ban government procurement of such chips and brands
Time:2024-03-22 17:47:01      Click:3465

In the latest news, according to several domestic and international media reports, China has launched a procurement requirement standard, which may mean that China will ban the use of Intel and Ultra Micro Semiconductor (AMD) CPU (processor) chips for government computers.

According to the information, the "Standard for Government Procurement Requirements for Desktop Computers (2023 Edition)" issued by China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) was issued by MOF on 16 December last year. China's introduction of this procurement requirements standards, or means that the government personal computers and servers will gradually stop using the two U.S. companies' microprocessors.

According to the above standard, when purchasing desktop computers, party and government organisations above the township level, as well as institutions directly subordinate to party committees and governments above the township level, and institutions affiliated with departments that provide support and protection for the organisations, should include CPUs and operating systems that meet the requirements of safety and reliability assessment in their procurement requirements. The purpose of this procurement requirement standard is to realise the situation of giving priority to domestic products and replacing Microsoft Windows operating system and foreign-made database software. It is reported that Chinese government departments have started to follow this procurement requirement standard.

However, Intel and AMD have not yet responded to this news.

*Disclaimer: The news in this article originated from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the relevant foreign media, set of micro-network, by the YuanXinAi electronic collation, the news has not been officially confirmed, and is only for the purpose of communication and learning.

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