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MathWorks and NVIDIA Join Forces to Accelerate Software-Defined Workflows in Healthcare Technology
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BEIJING, China, 8 May 2024 - MathWorks, the world's leading developer of mathematical computing software, today announced the release of MATLAB, which has been successfully integrated into the NVIDIA Holoscan platform. Medical device engineers can now accelerate the development and deployment of streaming data analytics and visualisation applications by wrapping existing MATLAB algorithms and functions into the GPU-accelerated NVIDIA Holoscan algorithms for real-time data processing and extrapolation.

Medical device engineers must not only adapt to complex and evolving global regulations, but also keep up with rapid technological innovations using cutting-edge materials and electronic components. These conflicting factors have resulted in many devices approaching obsolescence soon after they hit the market, giving rise to Software for Medical Devices (SaMD). SaMD is defined by the International Forum of Medical Device Regulators as software that is independent of a hardware medical device and capable of fulfilling one or more medical purposes. To remain competitive in the marketplace after deployment, SaMD products need to be able to integrate additional software functionality over time, requiring engineers to develop software-defined workflows to support development activities.

Artificial intelligence is transforming the medical technology industry," said David Niewolny, director of medical technology business development at NVIDIA. And the joining of NVIDIA and MathWorks provides a seamless development experience for the growing MATLAB development community within NVIDIA's medical-grade Holoscan platform, accelerating AI innovation in the medtech space."

NVIDIA Holoscan is a sensor processing platform that simplifies the development and deployment of AI and high-performance computing applications for real-time depth information. The platform is capable of providing a full-stack infrastructure for software-defined scalable streaming data processing on edge devices, enabling the latest AI applications in clinical scenarios. With MATLAB's integration with Holoscan, medical device engineers will be able to implement image and signal processing, filtering, transforms, and deep learning algorithms using existing built-in matrix operations and complex toolbox functions. Implementing a Holoscan pipeline using MATLAB requires four steps: creating a MATLAB function, generating accelerated CUDA code using GPU Coder? This makes it possible to create a full-featured software-defined workflow for medical devices, and the additional verification and validation capabilities integrated into MATLAB and Holoscan allow the development of software-defined workflows that comply with industry regulations and standards, including IEC 62304.

About MathWorks

MathWorks is the world's leading developer of mathematical computing software. The company's MATLAB, known as the "language of scientists and engineers," is an integrated programming environment for algorithm development, data analysis, visualisation, and numerical computation, while Simulink is a modular modelling environment for the simulation and model-based design of multi-domain and embedded engineering systems. These products serve engineers and scientists around the world, helping them accelerate the pace of invention, innovation, and development in the automotive, aerospace, communications, electronics, industrial automation, and other industries, and are essential teaching and research tools at many of the world's top universities and academic institutions. Founded in 1984, MathWorks is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, USA, and employs more than 6,000 people in 34 offices worldwide. For more information, visit cn.mathworks.com.

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