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Solar induced electricity: commercialization of lcxh series of Automotive Power Inductors
Time:2021-05-06 18:09:45      Click:557

Taiyangyudian Co., Ltd. commercialized the lcxh series of wound ferrite power inductors that support the reliability certification test standard "aec-q200" for passive components used in vehicles, and launched 64 products with 6 sizes, such as "lcxhf3030qk".

These products are power inductors used in choke coils and noise filters for power circuits of automotive bodies and information entertainment.

Lcxh series, like lcxp/lcxn series (formerly known as NR Series S type) used in Minsheng market and vehicle market, adopts sleeveless structure. By improving the material technology and structural design of SunPower, the electrode structure supporting the improvement of flatness during assembly and appearance inspection (AOI) during production is realized.

Since March 2022, these commodities have been mass produced in the overseas subsidiary of sundeco Corporation, "sundeco (Philippines)" (LA PLAP, Cebu province).

In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic control represented by ADAS, the consumption of power circuit is increasing, and the demand for power inductors used in power circuit is also increasing. Moreover, in the production process of automobiles, the welding reliability of tin welding can be judged by using cameras for appearance inspection and X-ray detection devices for assembly inspection. Therefore, the demand for power inductors with electrode structures supporting such functions also arises at the historic moment.

Therefore, the solar induced current will adopt the sleeveless structure with the advantages of miniaturization and supporting high current. By improving the self-developed material technology and design, the lcxh series of electrode structure that finally meets the vehicle demand has realized commercialization. Lcxh series has launched a total of 64 products, ranging from 3mm angle to 6mm angle. Products with various characteristics are available, which can meet the requirements of various information equipment such as automobile body and information entertainment.

In the future, the company will continue to vigorously develop products that meet market demand and speed up the expansion of the product lineup of power inductors.

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